Bespoke Alcoves

Handmade Fitted Alcoves

Affordable Solutions for Better Living. Style, Comfort and Quality.

Welcome to Langford’s world of bespoke, handmade fitted alcoves, where we transform your empty spaces and tricky corners into elegant and functional storage solutions. Be it a living room corner, under the stairs, or snug nooks with sloped ceilings, our customised alcove designs utilise every inch of your living space.

Are you ready to revolutionise your home with Langford’s bespoke alcove designs? Request your FREE consultation today and embrace endless possibilities for better living arrangements.

Fitted Alcoves – Custom Made for Modern Living

Discover the possibilities for bespoke alcoves by incorporating any or all the following features:

Adjustable shelving
Soft closed drawers
Toughened glass
LED lighting
Natural and sprayed finishes
Oak, pine, or tulip wood
Choice of handles

From entertainment/media walls to elegant bookshelves and clutter-free storage units, our handmade, custom-made alcove designs adapt to your specific needs.

Bespoke Designs for Every Nook and Cranny
So, let’s say farewell to store-bought furniture that doesn’t quite fit into those awkward corners. Our handmade fitted alcoves present the ultimate solution for maximising your living space seamlessly and stylishly.